Published November 30th, 2008

My todo list from before thanksgiving:

  • Improve the Simple MPM.
  • Integrate Lua and mod_wombat into httpd trunk.
  • Improve the FastCGI Support in httpd turnk.
  • Finish my little infrastructure stats & graphs project.

Well, I did get something working on my Infrastructure Stats Project.  You can see the work in progress here.  It uses flot and jquery to draw graphs of the mail and code commits at the ASF since the Apache Project started in 1996.

I didn’t get around to most of my httpd goals, since every time I work on the Simple MPM, the fact that KQueue causes a kernel panic on OSX kinda discourages me.  I was hoping that the latest kernels from Apple would fix the problem, but they don’t.

I did manage to commit 4 new modules to httpd trunk however:

modheartbeat, modheartmonitor, and mod_ratelimit were all originally written at Joost, and my employer was nice enough to let us contribute them back to Apache.

I’ve also announced the intent to roll the first 2.3.0-alpha release next weekend.  Hopefully this means within a few months, a new stable 2.4.x branch will come out.

Written by Paul Querna, CTO @ ScaleFT. @pquerna