Published May 17th, 2007

On Tuesday, we went up onto the Space Needle:

Beautiful day. About as good as it can get for Seattle in May.

On Wednesday, we met up with Geoff, and went to the Mariners game:

Here is a pic of Ichiro’s lead off single:

Oh, and Geoff dressed up in Angel’s Gear:

And kept yelling ‘Go Angels!‘.

Of Course, the bad news about the Mariners game, is that they lost in a shut out to the Angels.

I started and finished reading Ghost Brigades while we were in Seattle — only 22 more books left!. However, I just ordered the sequel, The Last Colony, from Amazon, so now I’m back up to 23 odd unread books.

Now we are starting the drive to Spokane…

Written by Paul Querna, CTO @ ScaleFT. @pquerna