Published May 12th, 2007

Got onto the Freeway around 7:02am in San Jose.

Snapped a couple pictures of Mt. Shasta as we drove by, but none of them turned out super:

James has some nicer shots he took a couple months ago.

One thing I noticed going north is the crazy-drivers-per-mile metric steadily decreased. Once in Oregon, we were rarely cut off, or sped past. Although, one time a car with an oregon license plate did scream pass us, it’s plate was ‘49ers’, placing the owner as a Crazy California Driver.

Filling up with Gas in Oregon.. I completely forgot they have laws requiring Full Service Gas Stations.

Anyways, We made it into the Metro Portland area around 5:30.

Map sites say it was something like 670 miles traveled today.

Written by Paul Querna, CTO @ ScaleFT. @pquerna