Published February 14th, 2007

We just launched the Bloglines Image Wall!

What is it?

The Bloglines Crawler fetchs millions of Blogs all the time. We take the content of these new posts, and extract out all of the Image URLs. Then we hand it off to another crawler that goes out and thumbnails the images, and checks the images for quality… Then its shown in a streaming manner using Dojo, only a few seconds after Bloglines found the new posts.

How will the Bloglines Image Wall change my life?

It won’t, but there are some cool images out there in the Blogosphere. I thought it is a fun hack to show just how diverse the feeds are out there. My favourite part is that you can notice when all of the Japanese Bloggers wake up, and late at night in the US you start seeing European Bloggers posting in their morning.

Do you like it?

Written by Paul Querna, CTO @ ScaleFT. @pquerna