Published July 31st, 2006

So, MySQL AB has a huge chunk of new documentation on the NDB API.

Short Story: Semi-sleepycat like API available, but its replicated/clustered and everything magically. Example

Brian Aker was at the memcached BOF at OSCON, saying how it is way cool, and could be used in some places to replace memcached.

But, what I haven’t found is anyone talking about using the ndbclient API in large scary production environments. Is there anyone out there really hammering it?

Infact, a Google Search for “ndbclient” only returns 111 results right now, none of which look too great.

It seems like it could be a great solution instead of using application level partitioning and replicating Berkeley DB in some use cases. I don’t mind being given a low level API and having to build my application level logic on top… It’s how Sleepycat has worked for 20 years.

Written by Paul Querna, CTO @ ScaleFT. @pquerna