Published May 31st, 2006

It is live.

Some highlights:

  • Condoleezza Rice - Notice the side bar fading in. Scroll down a litte, and notice the posts BY and the posts ABOUT. No else one has anything like that
  • Citation Search - For example, look at this search for people linking to
  • Inline Preview - Click on the next to a description. Kudos to Ben for making it sweet. Just think about your standard use of a search page. For me at least, I just open 10 links in new tabs in Firefox, and the go to each tab, closing ones I don’t find useful content inside.
  • Hourly Top Queries - Right there on the search tab.
  • No Tags. - Unlike some ‘search engines’, we don’t need tags, just like all modern web searches don’t need HTML Meta Tags. RIP Technorati.
  • Feeds - RSS Feeds of the search results are built in. You can sub to them from any reader, and see when someone blogs about you. Here is mine
  • 5 minute updates - Within 5 minutes of content being found by Bloglines, it will be in the search results. How often does Bloglines crawl? Every site, every 30 minutes. In addition, Bloglines supports pings, for even faster updates. Worst case is about 35 minutes, but your average will be much much much lower.

I guess thats all for now.

EDIT: Two more things I forgot to mention:

  1. Result pages include hotkeys. Just press j for down, and k for up. Not that useful for 10 results per page, but change it to 100, and its very sweet.
  2. Mobile Blog Search. If you are ever bored with your Treo again, you can now search blogs.

Written by Paul Querna, CTO @ ScaleFT. @pquerna