Published February 18th, 2006

So, this isn’t one of those theoretical ‘easy enough for your mother to use’ questions.

My Mother wants to have a blog. She wants to post pictures of her quilts and stuff like that. (Yes, she is a quilter!)

So, I have looked at setting up Wordpress, or another instance of Typo for her, and that is the easy part.

What I really want is a WYSIWYG desktop editor for her. So she can insert pictures, and do all the stuff like she is used to in Windows Applications, press publish, and a whole bunch of magic happens.

I personally use Ecto on my mac, and love it. If she had a Mac, I would buy Ecto for her too. Damn, if she only had a Mac, it could integrate with iPhoto and iWeb and it would be so much easier. Maybe I will just drop-ship her a Intel mac mini, when they come out with one.

Does anyone have any recommendations on either a hosted service, or a windows desktop application that makes it damn simple to make blog posts with images?

Written by Paul Querna, CTO @ ScaleFT. @pquerna