Published November 27th, 2004

  • APR: Added support for aprosuuidget()_ on Linux and FreeBSD. Linux has a uuid_generate as part of libuuid. FreeBSD has uuid_create as part of it’s libC, and of course, they both have completely different schematics. I first got to know the different interfaces when I ported the Plasma Servers to FreeBSD, since we use GUIDs in several places. r106214.
  • APR: Committed a first swing at support for Solaris 10’s ‘Event Completion Framework’. Their interface is a little weird. You must add a file descriptor back into the Set after any event is done with it. KQueue and EPoll on the other hand leave the file descriptor in the Set until you explicitly remove it. On a personal level, I prefer the KQueue and EPoll type interface, but the Solaris 10 one works, just with more system calls. r106156.
  • HTTPD: The Event MPM. This patch has been in various incarnations since mid-July. I actually did most of the coding in August on a road trip to Seattle for a Mariners Game. The patch came in at over 160k, mostly because large portions of the code where copied from the Worker MPM. r105919.

It was a busy week!

Written by Paul Querna, CTO @ ScaleFT. @pquerna