Published October 24th, 2004

Dr. Hardwick’s Blog has become a great source of entertainment lately. He asks the important questions like, What if the Condom Rips? (This post was later removed from the public listing), Straight Shots on an Empty Stomach and the latest, What if god was one of us?.

Quote from Dr. Hardwick’s Blog:

Would the Divine Presence complain about the food at the St. Thomas Aquinas Dining Hall?

I think the answer is clearly YES. The food is that bad. I cannot believe he actually asked that question. It seems that it is on his politcal agenda to spread the belief that Sodexho is really trying to increase the quality of the food. All I have seen is a an exspensive new awning, and round tables. How about trying harder at making good meals instead?

It is really too bad you cannot post replies or tracebacks to his ‘blog’ posts. His whole ‘blog’ seems like some excuse to use the hip word ‘blog’. I wish it was a real blog, that dealt with real issues on campus. The administration has completely stonewalled about the death of Narles Yde-Layn.

Written by Paul Querna, CTO @ ScaleFT. @pquerna