Published July 1st, 2004

Simple Object Access Protocol or SOAP is not simple like it’s name implies. But, Today I bring good news. I was able to remove the EasySOAP from the Plasma Server Code. I have replaced it with a very simple HTTP based Authentication system. I still don’t know why Ubisoft had to use SOAP for Authentication. It still seems like such a huge misapplication of a protocol for a simple task.

As a programer I think BitTorrent is a pretty cool application and protocol. However, I don’t think its cool that URU: Path to the Shell was available today via BitTorrent, days before it will hit store shelves. The same thing happened with URU Prime. Who can I blame? Do I blame misapplications of the protocol? Do I blame the publishers? Should I even care that Cyan’s hard work is being pirated?

Written by Paul Querna, CTO @ ScaleFT. @pquerna