Published February 5th, 2004

Today Cyan Worlds announced that URU Live is ending.

I started working for Cyan back in November of 2002. I was still in High School back then and would work after school every day. I remember my first interview where I showed rje and Moose the code to the Mead High School Website and CCbot. During my last semester in High School I left Mead at noon to work at Cyan the whole afternoon. Besides working directly on URU and other internal projects, I worked on other things including Big Brother, Ethereal, DSW2Make, and custom Apache Modules. Once I Graduated from High School I began to work at Cyan full time. That summer I did many things, one of the highlights is replacing ‘Bugaboo’, a custom bug tracking system written in Lasso running on a MacOS 8 Server, to Mantis. Many of the modifcations I made to Mantis are now available as Patches. Since I started attending Carroll College I have worked at Cyan during my Fall and Winter Breaks.

The experiences I had at Cyan are beyond anything they could of paid me in monetary value. Not only did I learn more about Linux Servers, I found some of my best friends there.

I am not directly effected by URU Live’s closing, I am still a college student and I can find other summer jobs, but my heart is still attached to URU. Cyan Worlds gave me a chance. A chance to me. Back then I was just some high school computer hacker. There is no way I could ever repay them for all that they have given me.

Written by Paul Querna, CTO @ ScaleFT. @pquerna