Published January 20th, 2004

For a couple months I have been helping urkle on #apache-modules with his mod_ftpd. I even wrote a libdbi backend for it.

Urkle’s module is the first Apache 2 module that implments a non-HTTP based protocol completely. Mod_FTPD has many features of other FTP servers that are several years old, but it has these in the span of a couple months because of its re-use of the Apache 2.0 Core.

I have also been hacking on Ferite. I have added libcurl bindings and am starting work on GTK 2.0 Bindings.

Today I also played with making mod_autoindex output pure XHTML using lists and formating via CSS instead of a giant PRE tag.

Maybe I should update this more often instead of one big mind dump.

Written by Paul Querna, CTO @ ScaleFT. @pquerna